Business Ethics Activity 4

1.) Is the action illegal?

-The action is illegal because Candidates A and B are stopping the people from being chosen for the cpommitte

2.) Does the action violate company or professional standards?

-The action violate professional standard

3.) What is affected,and how, by the action?

-This action affected the lady that is going to be employed by the Candidates making bad comments about her.

Do Next….

I think the school should not open up Wi-Fi and take down web filters for all students because with no Wi-Fi students would be less tempted to use their phone in class . This might improve the grade because instead of students being on their phone they will be going work. By putting Wi-Fi will be a distraction so it would be a bad idea.

Do Now


A man is drowning seeking help withe a gun pointed at him and a camera recording him. The message of the image is white men are shooting black men on camera and is getting away with it. A white man is shooting black man on camera. I disagree on what’s going on because nobody should kill someone and get away with it. #alllifesmatter #justice


The letter F is eating a clock.The message is when you have a F that’s the time to work hard and get your grade up. I agree with this image because when your down that’s when its time to get up. #CrunchTime #Comingup


A man is sleep inside a hourglass with money falling under him. The image of this is by being lazy and sleeping all day you are missing out money you could being earning.The man that is sleeping in the hourglass is missing out the money. I agree with this message because if you sleep all day money that could earning is going down the drain. #broke #BUMMM


Girls are wearing clothes the show a lot of body part and putting makeup, but one is wearing clothes that are not showing no body parts and is reading a book. The message of this image is to different and be smart. I agree with this image because why be like everybody else when you can be you.

Resolving Conflict

1.) What is conflict?

– Competing difference between two or more people.

2.) What are the consequences of negative conflict?

-Unresolved conflict are decreased productivity , low employee morale ,and heightened workplace tensions.

3.) What are the benefits of conflict?

-Friendly conflict can encourage competition, diverse thinking, creativity , and a wider variety of solutions to business problems.

4.) What are some tips for preventing negative conflict in the workplace?

-Be open to others’ ideas; listen before making up your mind and avoid stereotyping your co-worker and superiors

5.) What are some strategies for managing conflict with a co-worker?

– Intervention , Confrontation, Compromise ,and Avoidance

6.)Conflict between yourself and a superior is acceptable and in some cases even beneficial , if it leads to increased mutual respect. However, conflict with superior must be handled with care and should not be seen as a challenge to your superior’s authority. Conflict with superiors should be kept professional and private.

Global Warming: What Should Be Done?

What are some statistics that show that the average temperature of the Earth’s surface is increasing?

-It was between 1985 and 2000. The temperatures has risen by about a degree Fahrenheit.

To what do scientists attribute changes in environmental conditions?

-Scientist attribute changes to humans activities like driving can that use a lot of gas.

What hypothesis do scientists have about how people contribute to global warming?

-People do it by burning fossil fuels.

What do scientists project will happen in the future?

-In the future the temperature will keep rising if we continue to ignore he impact of our activities.

What should be done to stop global warming?

-Companies should stop making them, and the government should invest in exploring other energy sources.

The danger of a single story

1.) Name of the Speaker

-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

2.) Title of T.E.D Talk

-The danger of a single story

3.) Date of T.E.D Talk and Number of View

– July 2009, 13,734,255 view

4.) The speaker’s thesis of the speak is to not judge a book on what you think it’s about.

5.) This speaker has captured me by talking about how she is treated with her roommate because is from Nigeria.

6.) One thing the speaker does well with engaging the audience by making the speak humorous ,but also making it interesting and serious.

7.)The speaker  builds  ethos by talking about her own experience of being a single story.

8.) This speaker uses more of pathos in her presentation than the logos. The part I found most compelling was when she said she was thought of as a single book by her roommate before she meet her because most people are judged based on where they came from.

9.) If I could ask the speaker a question it would be ….. How did being a single book make you feel.

10.)The group of people that would benefit from this speech is the people who are thought of as a single.

11.) This speech made me not want to judge people on where they come from.



Censorship: who should decide what young people read

1.) Adult should not have the right to prevent young readers from having access to books they consider inappropriate .

2.) Some people feel that having access to books dealing with tough issues can be helpful for student , despite the risks because if those issues are integrated into meaningful stories, young people might find books helpful for understanding their own lives.

3.)Librarians and teacher think they can promote positive attitudes toward reading by making banned books accessible to students because they are often interesting to read.

4.) Some examples  of  novels that integrate issues of racism or violence into their plots are To Kill a Mockingbird by  Harper Lee, The Giver by Lois Lowry, and The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.

5.)Book censorship a civil rights issue because people should have the right to read what ever interest them .